Top 5 Pool Tools You Need In Summer

Your pool is most likely going to be put in to overdrive this summer, so it is important to have the right equipment to keep your pool in good working order.

Take a look at our list of must-have pool equipment you’ll need this summer.

Pool cover

Evaporation is one of the main ways your pool loses water, especially as the extra heat in summer evaporates water at a faster rate. A pool cover will block excess heat from reaching the water and also trap moisture, so it doesn’t evaporate into the air. Worried about having to take your pool cover off and on each day? A pool cover roller can help make removing your pool cover ten times easier!

A pool cover also helps keep debris and rain out of the pool. Both of these factors can unbalance your pool water. However, if you have a pool cover protecting your pool from this debris, it means your pool will stay cleaner for longer and help cut down on the amount of chemicals you will need.

Robotic pool cleaner

There are several reasons why a robotic pool cleaner can make your life a lot easier, no matter what the season is.

  • They keep your pool healthy: A clean pool is much safer (and better looking!) to swim in. It is usually the neglected pools that have turned cloudy or green and take longer and cost more to repair.
  • They help you save, save, save: A robotic pool cleaner can help you save on power, water and on chemicals. Check out our blog below for more information.
  • They’re efficient: A robotic pool cleaner will be able to clean your pool faster and more effectively as it has advanced computer technology which actually maps out the surface of your pool, ensuring it doesn’t miss any spots and won’t get stuck in the corner.
  • They’re easy to use: Pool owners simply need to plug the pool cleaner in, place it in the pool and hit the ‘Go’ button. If you wish to swim in the pool at the same time, there are no large hoses getting in the way.

Scoop and brush

If you do not have a pool cover or robotic pool cleaner, a scoop and brush are a great tool to keep on hand. A scoop is a great tool to skim the debris off the pool surface. Sticks and leaves carry bacteria and if left in the water too long, this debris can cause algae to grow.

It is also important to scrub the walls and floor of the pool if you do not have a robotic pool cleaner. If algae start to grow on the walls and floor, it could turn your pool cloudy or green.

Poolwerx All Purpose Pool Broom

Water sample bottle

Did you know your local Poolwerx store offers free 60 second water tests? By regularly testing your water every fortnight (or more when the pool is frequently used), you can help keep your pool water balanced. If you water becomes unbalanced, it could lead to a variety of issues, including algae growth which can turn your pool water green. Not only is this a health issue for swimmers, it can also end up costing you more to fix.

Head in to your local Poolwerx store and grab your water sample bottle!

Pool shock

If you use your pool a lot throughout summer, you may find it necessary to shock your pool every now and then to help keep it clean. Adding a shock treatment to your pool maintenance can help to keep the water crystal clear.

While chlorine and other pool chemicals are used to maintain pool health, a shock treatment is often required to provide maximum sanitiser efficiency, and to keep your water sparkling.

If you’re not sure about what products you might need to keep your pool in top shape this summer, chat to your local Poolwerx technician and they can help you find a solution to fit your budget.

Find your nearest Poolwerx now!

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