4 Reasons to Buy a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Keeping your pool clean throughout the year, no matter what the season is, can help save you time and money in the long run. But what is the best way to keep your pool clean?

Robotic pool cleaners are a popular choice throughout New Zealand and for good reason. Take a look at our top 4 reasons to buy an automatic pool cleaner in 2019.

They keep your pool healthy

Keeping your pool clean throughout the year will not only help save you money, but also keep your family healthy and your pool healthier for longer. Even in the cooler months when the pool is not being used, it pays to regularly clean your pool. When the weather starts to heat up, Poolwerx technicians are regularly faced with repairing and restoring pools that have been neglected over the cooler period. It is usually the neglected pools that have turned cloudy or green that take longer (and cost more) to repair).

They save you money

Although initially, you will need to spend money purchasing a robotic pool cleaner, there are long term financial benefits that can outweigh the initial cost. Robotic pool cleaners can help save on power, water and chemicals which can reduce your running costs over the long term.

  • Save on power: Robots work independently from the pools filtration system, meaning you can run your pump at a much lower speed.
  • Save on water: Robots filter the water themselves, reducing clogging in the pool filtration system which can equal less backwashes.
  • Save on chemicals: Robots remove the dirt and debris rather than storing in the pools filtration system. This means there is less chance of the water becoming cloudy and having to use chemicals to rebalance the water.

They’re Efficient

Whether you love looking after your pool or prefer to set and forget, robotic pools cleaners are one of the best options available for efficiency. A robotic pool cleaner will be able to clean your pool faster and more effectively as it has advanced computer technology which actually maps out the surface of your pool, ensuring it doesn’t miss any spots and won’t get stuck in the corner.

They’re simple and easy to use

Unlike some other pool cleaners, there are minimal elements to a robotic pool cleaner, meaning it is much easier to get out and use. Pool owners simply need to plug the pool cleaner in, place it in the pool and hit the ‘Go’ button. If you wish to swim in the pool at the same time, there are no large hoses getting in the way.

If you’re keen to set and forget your pool care, it is possible to set your robotic pool cleaner to an automatic timer so the pool is cleaned every week.

Some of the brands Poolwerx has available in 2019 include AstralPool, Hayward, Maytronics and Zodiac. According to 2018 reviews, these brands all fell within the top 10 robotic pool cleaners available. As no two pool cleaners are the same, we stock a variety of brands and model options to suit your needs.

Your local Poolwerx can help you decide which pool cleaner is the right choice for your pool, and can also assist with the installation of the pool cleaner and ongoing service too. We stock pool cleaners from renowned brands which will leave your pool looking sparkling and healthy. Find your local Poolwerx today and get your pool ready for summer!

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