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AstralPool Pool Pumps

AstralPool’s range of pumps will suit any small, large, commercial or residential pool. Designed and manufactured with quality components your pool will operate best with an AstralPool pump.

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Viron XT Pool Pump

AstralPool Viron XT Variable Speed Pool Pumps

AstralPool’s Viron XT pumps are incredibly efficient, reducing the lifetime pool operating and ownership costs while offering incredibly high flow and pressure when required to meet the most demanding applications. A full variable speed controller allows you to tailor the flow rate to suit your pool and filtration and unique features such as overdrive and fast prime make the XT the most versatile variable speed pump on the market.

Key features and benefits

  • Two sizes to suit the most demanding applications
  • Save between $700 and $1,200 every year in operating costs
  • High performance overdrive mode and fast priming programs
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Longer pump and equipment life

CTX Pool Pump

CTX Pool Pump


AstralPool CTX Pool Pump

The AstralPool CTX pool pump has been designed to comfortably meet the needs and pressures required by your swimming pool and spa equipment. You can rely on the CTX’s durability as it is made from high-quality materials and components and is designed to produce greater efficiency and reduce noise levels.

This pool pump can be used for in-floor cleaning systems, spa jets and other demanding applications reliably.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Available in three different sizes to meet your application
  • Incorporates a large lint pot requiring less maintenance
  • Connects with the Genus controller system
  • Reduced operating noise
  • Made from quality components

FX Pool Pump

FX Pool Pump


AstralPool FX Pool Pump

The FX series pump from Astral is designed to deliver the power you need to move large volumes of water around whilst maintaining noise levels down. An inbuilt non-return valve eliminates reverse rotation of the impeller in high-pressure situations ensuring reliability.

The FX Pump is suitable if you require a pump for an above ground pool, or for heating systems. They provide the quiet, reliable and efficient performance that you look for in a pump while meeting the demands of all the required equipment.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Available in 6 different sizes to meet your equipment needs
  • Quiet operation
  • Designed for use as a booster pump where flooded suction is possible
  • Hair and lint pot is unnecessary

E-Series Pool Pump

E Series Pool Pump


AstralPool E-Series Pool Pump

Because some pools and spas are smaller than others, not all swimming pools and spas require high-performance pumps. Many smaller pools and older pools place less stress on their various components. This E-Series pump is designed just for that.

Robust and reliable, the E-Series pump is suitable for pools and spas up to 60,000 litres. It is designed and built with superiors components, energy efficient, requires minimal maintenance and quiet to run.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Available in three different sizes
  • Made form quality and durable components
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Requires less maintenance

BX Pool Pump

BX Pool Pump


AstralPools BX Pool Pump

The AstralPool BX pump had been designed to comfortably meet the demands of all your pool equipment while setting new standards of efficiency, convenience and greatly reducing noise levels. The BX pool pump from AstralPool uses less power in fewer hours per day while requiring less maintenance, yet it maintains the ability to move high volumes of water.

Key features and benefits

  • Available in a range of pumps sizes
  • Low Noise Level
  • High in efficiency
  • Less maintenance required

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Hayward Pool Pumps

If you are looking for a pool pump that is dependable and has great performance, Hayward pool pumps will give you just that. With a full range of variable speed, high performance and medium head pumps lead the way in energy efficiency, including Australia’s first 9-star energy rated pool pump.

Haywards pumps are equipped with heavy-duty motors for cool, quiet, and efficient operation. Engineered and designed to stand-up to today’s most demanding installations, our pumps set the standard of performance for swimming pool, spa and waterfall pumps.

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Power Flo II Pool Pump

Hayward Power Flo II Pool Pump

Hayward Power Flo II Pool Pump

Small in size, PowerFlo II will win you over with its Made in Hayward manufacture and its exceptional performance. It is a versatile, self-priming pump designed to meet the varying specifications of above-ground and in-ground swimming pools and solar heating applications.

If you are considering the Power Flo II , you have the choice of 4 models to choose from and you will enjoy getting features usually found only on higher priced in-ground pumps. Features such as self-priming ability, a large 1.1 Litre strainer basket, a heavy duty motor with stainless steel shaft, and a quick-release “see-thru” strainer cover.

Key features and benefits

  • Heavy duty motor
  • Quiet operation
  • Integrated Self Priming capability with TEFC motor
  • Transparent cover lets you see when the basket needs cleaning
  • Extra Large Basket extends time between cleaning

Super II Pool Pump

Hayward Super II Pool Pump


Hayward Super II Pool Pump

Super II is the reliable pool pump that offers high-performance capabilities as an upgrade path for medium head pumps.

  • Full-flow hydraulics allow greater flow at a lower cost of operation
  • Heavy-duty, high performance motor with airflow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation
  • 155 cubic-inch basket extends time between cleanings
  • Uni-bracket mounting base provides stable, stress-free support. Versatility for any installation requirement by adapting to both 48- and 56-frame motors

TriStar Pool Pump

Hayward Super Pool Pump


Hayward TriStar Pool Pump

The Hayward TriStar is known for superior performance, energy efficiency and value. Designed to deliver superior flow, conserve energy and reduced maintenance required over time, the TriStar from Hayward is creating a new benchmark in residential pool pumps.

Energy-efficient hydraulics with a revolutionary motor-cooling design extended the motor life of the unit. It has an extra large leaf holding capacity which extends the time between cleanings, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your pool. It also features a dynamic airflow for a quieter, cooler operation and it seamlessly retrofits to almost any existing filtration system.

MaxFlo XL Pool Pump

Hayward MaxFlo XL Pool Pump


Hayward MaxFlo XL

Advanced hydraulics deliver the performance and reliability many pool owners need. This pool pump has low noise operation, is convenient and offers exceptional value.

Key features and benefits

  • Heavy duty, high performance motor design provides excellent air flow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation.
  • Advanced hydraulics improves efficiency and priming.
  • Seamlessly retrofits with the entire MaxFlo™ line.
  • Easy to service with only 4X bolts to remove.
  • All models include 40mm X 50mm union connections.
  • Pressure testable to 344 kPa.
  • Self-priming suction lift up to 2.4m above water.

Super Pool Pump

Hayward Super II Pool Pump


Hayward Super Pool Pump

The Hayward Super Pump is a series of large-capacity, technologically advanced pumps that blend cost-efficient design with durable construction

Designed for in-ground pools and spas of all types and sizes, the Super Pump features a large see-through strainer, super-size debris basket, and exclusive service-ease design for extra convenience.

Key features and benefits

  • Heavy-duty high performance motor with airflow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation.
  • Exclusive swing-away handle makes strainer cover removal easy – no tools, no loose parts, no clamps.
  • See-through strainer cover lets you see when basket needs cleaning.
  • 110-cubic inch basket

Booster Pump

Hayward Booster Pool Pump


Hayward Booster Pump

Boost the efficiency of your pressure cleaner with the efficiency of Hayward’s new booster pump. The pump greatly increases a cleaning systems ability to propel and circulate water, providing the power needed to thoroughly clean your pool.

Using 40% less electricity than other booster pumps and being remarkably quiet is one of the biggest benefits of this pump. Suitable for any pressure cleaner requiring a booster pump, it’s designed with a tall mounting base for increased motor ventilation and flood protection.

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