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AstralPool Pool Filters and Media

A good pool filter will remove the dirt and other matter in the water to help reduce the growth of bacteria and keep your water clean. AstralPool have a range of filters to suit your requirements and your pool equipment.

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Viron QL Cartridge Filter


AstralPool Viron QL Cartridge Filter

The Viron QL cartridge filter will give you outstanding reliability and performance for your swimming pool or spa. This cartridge filtration system is finer than a sand or glass media filter and reduces cleaning frequency saving you precious time.

Key features and benefits

  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance
  • Save up to 12,000 litres (3,250 US gallons) of water per year
  • Reduced power consumption
  • High strength long life filter tank
  • Oil filled long life pressure gauge for accurate reading
  • Choice of two outlet ports for simplified installation

ZX Series Cartridge Filter

AstralPool ZX Pool and Spa Cartridge Filter


AstralPool ZX Cartridge Pool and Spa Filter

Compact in design, the ZX cartridge does not require a back washing line so they are ideal for places or situation where wastewater disposal or water restrictions are in force. With the use of antimicrobial elements your pool or spa will be bacteria free and require less maintenance.

Key features and benefits

  • Oil filled pressure gauge for accurate readings and long life
  • Easy to remove lid – lifts off gently when unwinding the large lock ring
  • Self lock on lock ring prevents over tightening and locks in position to prevent accidental loosening
  • 3 inlets and 1 outlet enable easy position and replacement of older cartridge filters
  • Barrel union connections enable easy service and replacement in future
  • Less maintenance required
  • Antimicrobial elements used for cleaner water
  • Flexible configuration
  • Available in 6 different sizes

Aster Sand Filter

AstralPool Aster Pool Filter


AstralPool Aster Sand Pool Filter

These filters are known for their reliability, as well as for their collector arms, which feature a larger diameter for greater filtering surface. Fitted with an AstralPool multiport valve with 6+1 positions for filter, backwash, rinse, recirculating, waste and closed. A patented system is used for opening and closing the cover, which eliminates the use of traditional screws.

Key features and benefits

  • Sand filter, laminated with polyester / fibreglass resin.
  • Equipped with collectors of 1″ diameter and diffuser of highly resistant PVC
  • Fitted with pressure gauge, manual air and water purge valves
  • Side mount 6 way multiport valve

FG Fibreglass Media Pool Filter

AstralPool FG Fiberglass Pool Filter


AstralPool FG Fibreglass Media Filter

If you are after a high performance filtration for residential and small commercial pool then the Astral FG fibreglass pool filter should be your first choice. All aspects of the filter have been designed to match high performance pumps and enhance the pump performance, allowing faster filtration using less energy.

Key features and benefit

  • Large capacity and higher flow rates
  • Quality components
  • Easy cleaning
  • Fibreglass tank
  • Available in a range of sizes to meet your filtration requirements

Cantabric Media Filter

C320 Filter

AstralPool Cantabric Media Pool Filter

AstralPools CA Media Filter is 100% designed and made in Australia from the most advanced injection moulding and assembly process of any filter. Engineered and designed for high strength, long life, optimal flow rates and easy installation and service the CA Media filter range provides the best value for money filter range which is designed for tough Australian conditions.

Key features and benefits

  • Premium 10 lateral under drain designed for low pressure loss which requires less power consumption for optimal flow rates
  • Unique under drain ensures effective backwashing in less time saving water
  • Fully injection moulded for high strength and longest life
  • Suitable for Sand, Viron Glass and other filter media
  • Unique lock ring secures valve in just seconds and enables fastest and lowest cost maintenance and installation

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Hayward Pool Filters and Media

If you are after the latest technology in pool filters to keep your pool clear and clean, then look no further than the Hayward range. Offering simple to use operation and minimum maintenance make the Hayward range attractive without compromising on performance, value and dependability. All Hayward filters are engineered and designed to deliver reliable, all-weather performance with minimal care on today’s most demanding installations.

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Pro Series Sand Filter (Top Mount)

Hayward ProSeries Sand Filter


Hayward Pro Series Sand Filter (Top Mount)

ProSeries™ high-rate sand filters are high performance, totally corrosion-proof, unitised tank constructed filters that blend superior flow characteristics and features with ease of operation. For multiple applications, the ProSeries™ represents the very latest in sand filter technology and will provide clear, sparkling water for years to come.

Pro Series Sand Filter (Side Mount)

Hayward Pro Series Sand Pool Filter Sidemount


Hayward Pro Series Sand Filter (Side Mount)

Incorporating the many advanced features of Hayward ProSeries™, the ProSeries™ Plus side mounted valve series satisfies the requirements of the most demanding installations, including pools installed with in-floor cleaning systems, commercial spas, fountains or solar heating systems. It’s spherical tank design evenly distributes the high pressure and stress associated with these applications, resulting in greater strength and longer life.

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