Pool Covers

If you’re looking for a pool cover in New Zealand, Poolwerx can help! We have options for thermal pool covers, leaf and debris pool covers, solar pool covers or winter covers, to keep your pool protected all year round.

Pool covers are a great solution in preventing leaves, dirt, and the evaporation of your pool water whilst maintaining your pool’s temperature, Poolwerx has a quality pool cover to suit! If you’re unsure what size or type of pool cover you need for your in-ground or above-ground swimming pool, your local Poolwerx can help!

Types of Pool Covers

Solar Blankets

Solar pool blankets rely on the sun in order to generate heat. Solar pool covers are typically made from plastic and have tiny air bubbles within the design that are designed to provide a physical barrier to evaporation. ! Solar blankets come in different levels of durability and insulation

Thermal Blankets

Thermal pool blankets float on top of the surface of the pool can help insulate heated pools, preventing heat loss and evaporation. While thermal pool blankets don’t actually heat your pool up, they do have superior heat retention abilities! Similar to solar blankets, thermal blankets come in different levels of durability and insulation.

Leaf & Debris cover

While leaf and debris covers won’t save water, retain heat, or warm your pool water up, they do help reduce maintenance as they are the best covers for keeping leaves, debris, and dirt out of your pool. Instead of floating on the pools’ water, a debris cover or pool leaf net is secured with straps and fittings and will fit over the entirety of the pool.


Looking for the right pool cover for your pool?

We have a range of high-quality pool covers, pool blankets, and pool rollers that are available to purchase from our stores or mobile service units. Contact your local Poolwerx to learn more!

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