Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals are an essential aspect of any swimming pool because they keep algae and bacterial growth at bay. There’s much more to the correct makeup of pool chemicals than just Chlorine. At Poolwerx, we stock a wide range of industry-leading chemicals such as algaecides, balancers, stabilisers, cleaners, stain removers, spa chemicals and much more!

When it comes to formulating the correct pool chemicals mix for swimming pools, there is no one plan that fits all. Speak with your local Poolwerx today to create a tailored plan for treating your pool.

Algicide Concentrate



  • Focus Algicide Concentrate

Pool Balancer



  • Focus Cal Plus
  • Focus pH Buffer
  • Focus Protec
  • Dry Acid
  • pHix
  • Hydrochloric Acid

Pool Clarifiers



  • Focus Quick Floc
  • Focus Water Polish Plus

Pool Maintenance Products



  • Banish Phosphate Remover
  • Aquashield 3-in-1
  • FocusStain Off
  • Focus Chlorine Out

Pool Sanitiser


Pool Sanitisers

Pool Enhancers


Pool Enhancers

Pool Stain Remover

Staining Treatments

  • Stain Off
  • Saf-T Cell Cleaner
  • Aquashield 3-in-1 Protector

Pool Shock Treatments

Shock Treatments

  • Shock N Clear

magna pool mineral pool



  • Magna Pool Minerals
  • Acquatherepe Pool Minerals
  • Mineral Swim

Spa Chemicals

Spa Range

  • Ospa pH Down
  • Ospa pH Ta Up
  • Ospa Bromine Tablets
  • Ospa Sanitiser
  • Ospa Oxy Shock
  • Ospa Refresh
  • Ospa Hardness Increaser


Looking for chemicals for your pool?

We have a range of high-quality chemicals available to purchase from our stores or mobile service units. Our servicing includes the use of the chemicals listed above depending on what is required. If you service your own pool and need advice on chemicals to use, we are more than happy to help.

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COVID UPDATE: Due to the current COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in Auckland South and Central Bays we will be offering ‘Test and Treat' while our stores and regular services remain temporarily unavailable.
For all other areas of NZ, pool servicing can now recommence, in line with government guidelines.