Things are heating up

With the weather finally starting to warm up again, there’s no better time to jump back in your pool!

If you’ve been ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about either getting a pool or even just venturing outside to take off the pool cover, take a look at our top reasons why you should be jumping back into your pool.

A great full body workout

Did you know that swimming uses all the muscles in your body? This means each time you’re swimming you’re doing a full body workout and is one of the most effective and efficient ways to burn calories. Swimming just 30 minutes, three times a week can help you stay healthy and fit.

Low-impact therapy for injuries

One of the great benefits of swimming is being able to feel weightless while exercising. This is the ideal option for those with injuries or other restrictions when it comes to exercising. Swimming can help tone muscles, build strength and cardiovascular fitness all at once! If you have an injury or exercise restriction, speak with your healthcare professional about what pool exercises could benefit you the most.

Low impact exercise

Relaxing form of exercise

Some people often associate exercise with having to exert yourself mentally and physically, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Swimming can be a great way to relieve stress as well as working out. Whether you’re stressed at work, need a break from the kids or just simply need some ‘me time’, swimming regularly can help lower stress levels and anxiety as well as improve your sleep patterns.

relaxing exercise

Mineral pools are great for your health

Mineral pools are becoming increasingly popular in Australia and for good reason. So what is a mineral pool? A mineral pool contains, in addition to a sanitiser and other necessary water balancing chemicals, naturally occurring minerals that enhance the swimming experience. Some of the benefits of a mineral pool include:

  • Help alleviate aches/pains and soothes your skin thanks to magnesium chloride and potassium chloride
  • Magnesium chloride can support detoxification in your body
  • Help relieve stress
  • Water feels silky smooth against your skin
  • Little to no eye irritation
  • Hair and skin won’t have such a strong chlorine smell or sticky salt feeling

You’ve been waiting all winter!

What better reason is there to jump back in your pool than the fact that it is finally warming up. It’s a perfect opportunity to host the first pool party of the season or just invite your family around for a catch up.

If you’ve pulled the pool cover off your pool and it doesn’t look as healthy as it did a few months ago, get in touch with your local Poolwerx expert or bring in your water sample for a free 60 second water test. Our industry qualified technicians have a lot of experience in making pools healthy and sparkling again after winter and will be able to help you too!

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