How often to test your pool water

No one wants a green pool, and the easiest way to avoid this is to make sure your pool is kept clean and the chemical levels correct. So how frequently do you need to test your pool water?

As seasons change and we experience adverse weather conditions, pool maintenance will vary. Below we’ve listed the frequency required to check your pool water throughout the year to make sure your pool stays healthy and clean.

In Cooler Months

During the cooler months as pool use is reduced, you should be testing your chlorine and pH levels every two weeks.

The cooler weather can significantly decrease the chlorine demand your pool requires, this can lead to excessive chlorine levels which can damage blankets and pool equipment.

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In The Summer Season

As summer season heats up and the pool is getting more use, it’s important to test your pool water more regularly. We recommend getting free water test in store at Poolwerx fortnightly, which will not only test your pH and chlorine levels but also calcium hardness, salt level, stabiliser and alkalinity.

When it comes to your pH and chlorine levels, these should be tested at least twice a week in the peak of summer. Our Poolwerx team can provide you with the tools and expert advice so you can test at home, using our test strips.

In Adverse Weather

If you’ve experienced a lot of rain or storms, this can greatly affect the pH and chlorine levels of your pool. As a result, you should immediately test your water, to prevent an algae outbreak and a costly clean up bill.

Alternatively, if you are experiencing abnormally hot weather, the water can evaporate which results in the chemicals losing their effectiveness. Again, if this is the case you need to increase your water test frequency.

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Free Water Testing

Poolwerx provides free water testing in-store. Simply bring in your sample and we can analyse this within 60 seconds.

Simply collect a sample from about an arm’s length under the water surface and take it to your local Poolwerx within a few hours. We’ll then be able to provide you with a complete analysis of your pool water, completely FREE!

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