Buying a New Pool Cleaner? What is the Right One for You?

It is important to keep your pool clean. Many pool owners do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning their pool. They would much rather like to spend that time enjoying it. Automatic pool cleaners are here to help save you time and make cleaning your pool easier. There are three main types of automatic pool cleaners, the robotic cleaner, suction cleaner, and pressure pool cleaner. The information below will hopefully help you decide which type of pool cleaner is best for you and your pool.

Robotic Cleaner

The automatic robotic cleaner is fully independent, meaning it does not require any hoses or connection to the pool filtration system. All you need to do is plug it into a GFCI protected outlet near the pool and put the robot into the water. This automatic cleaner is very easy to use and it can be programmed to do the type of cleaning job you want it to do. Out of the three automatic cleaners it is the most expensive option but it also does the best cleaning job.

It cleans the pool floor automatically by picking up dirt and leaves. There is also a brush on the bottom that scrubs the pool in order to get a deeper clean and free the pool from caked on dirt. A filtration bag, in the robot, collects all the debris and should be emptied after each use. This option is great for pools with no skimmer basket.

The robotic cleaner has its own motor inside which is very energy efficient. Pool owners see the difference in their energy bills after switching to this type of pool cleaner. The initial cost of the cleaner is quite expensive. We have options for buying cleaners interest free, find your local Poolwerx to learn more about these options. There are different types of robotic cleaners for inground and above ground pools. It is important to choose a model and brand that best fits your type and size of pool. If you need advice on which robotic pool cleaner is best for your pool, call your nearest Poolwerx.


Suction Cleaner

The automatic suction cleaner is also a great option for most types of pools. It has a suction hose that floats at the top of the surface as the cleaner moves around the pool floor picking up leaves and dirt. It is easy to use once you understand how it operates. The hose gets connected to the skimmer port while the cleaner goes into the water and sinks to the pool floor.

In order for it to work you will need to change the valves so the suction is strong enough to push the cleaner around the pool. Also, the pool pump needs to be turned on in order for the cleaner to work. After it is done cleaning it is important to empty out the skimmer basket, where all the leaves and dirt that were collected are stored. This is a very simple task that ensures your suction cleaner does the best job it can. Depending on what model and brand of suction cleaner you buy it might be able to climb the pool walls and give the pool an even deeper clean. Suction cleaners are very reasonably priced and will leave your pool looking great.

pool robot suction

Pressure Cleaner

The automatic pressure cleaner is the best option for pools that collect large items such as twigs, acorns, pebbles, bugs and leaves. Pools that are under trees or in very windy areas tend to have a lot of debris in their pool and this cleaner is best at picking up these types of things. To use this type of cleaner your pool needs to have a pressure line, and depending on the brand you buy it might also require a separate booster pump.

The onboard bag needs to be emptied regularly for this cleaner to work properly. The sweep hose that is attached to the cleaner is great for reaching small areas and stairs. This option is quite expensive and the installation can be complicated, but it works very well.

Handheld Cleaner

If you are looking for the most economical option then the handheld pool cleaner might be right for you. This cleaner works very similar to vacuuming your home. You use your own energy to push it around the bottom of the pool to clean it. It can be time consuming and tiring depending on how big your pool is, but if saving money is more important than saving time then this is the best option for you.

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