Robotic Pool Cleaners

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Offer Ends 04/01/2021

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Give Summer the All Clear

A robotic cleaner is the easiest – and most cost effective – way for you to spend the summer months with crystal clear and healthy pool water… effortlessly!

Your local Poolwerx can help you find the right solution to keep your pool sparkling this summer!

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  1. Robotic cleaners consume approximately 83% less electricity than traditional cleaners saving you money and helping the environment.
  2. You can extend the life of pool equipment, like your filter, as the robotic cleaners internally filter debris and dirt as they clean, purifying the water.
  3. Additionally, robotic cleaners reduce backwashing – and the cost of it – by up to 30% as the pool water will maintain a higher level of cleanliness.
  4. You can remove the robotic cleaner between cycles, leaving your pool free for swimming and party fun!