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 For a short time only, enjoy a free extended warranty, valued at $170 on all Aquawize AW4, AW5 and AW6 robotic pool cleaners.

Available exclusively at Poolwerx, the Aquawize robotic pool cleaner is the smarter way to clean your pool.
With innovative features such as advanced filtration, 4 cleaning cycles, smartphone control and intuitive navigation,
the Aquawize range will reduce your energy consumption – saving you time, water and money.

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Work smarter, not harder, with the Aquawize Robotic Pool Cleaner

With intuitive navigation, the Aquawize Robotic Cleaner will map out the layout of your pool’s floor, walls and waterline. Ensuring no spot goes unnoticed and no unnecessary cleaning, resulting in an efficient clean every time

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Energy Efficient
Mobility system enhanced navigation
Multi-layer filtration system
Smartphone control
Fine filter for enhanced filtration
Durable lightweight build -
Extended cable for longer reach
Carry caddy
Advanced dynamic active scrubber - -
Dynamic dual drive motor - -
Cleverclean scanner with Gyro navigation - -
3 year warranty - -

Features & Benefits:

floors and waterline

Cleaning Coverage

Brushing floor, walls and waterline, and reduces the appearance of bath scale rings.

advanced scheduler

4 Cleaning Cycles

With four cycle functions – 1/1.5/2/2.5 hours, you have control of the cleaning cycle to suit your pool.

tangle free cable

18 Metre Cable

18m with swivel for great flexibility for most pool shapes 

Advance mobility system

Advanced Navigation

With clever navigation and maneuverability, this pool robot can easily target and clean debris in those tricky areas..

Top load filter basket

Advanced Filtration

Multi-layered filtration feature acts as a second filter for your pool – collecting ultrafine and rough debris, reducing stress on your pool pump and filter.


Carry Caddy

Included as standard, making it easy to store your robot neatly and safely when not in use

Set & Forget Control your robot from anywhere

Wifi Connectivity

Control when you clean the pool no matter where you are using the MyDolphin Plus mobile app.

waterline cleaning


Relax and enjoy 2 years warranty the AW4 & AW5 and 3 years extended warranty on the AW6.

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The Aquawize robot cleaner is pool care, made smart.

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