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Need to get started but don’t know how?

We’re excited that you’re considering joining the Poolwerx brand! Becoming a Poolwerx Franchise Partner is the first step into an exciting world of opportunity – one in which you’ll be supported every step of the way by the team in our world-class support centre and your fellow Franchise Partners. In fact, because of our comprehensive training and support, no prior pool maintenance or business experience is required. All you need to get started is the determination and dedication to succeed.

We’ve worked hard to keep the process for joining the Poolwerx family streamlined and efficient, so you’re able to dive in as quickly as possible.

Below, we’ve outlined the basic process you’ll need to follow to take your place as a fully-fledged Poolwerx Franchise Partner. Follow these 7 steps, and you’ll be a member of the Poolwerx family in no time.

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1. Get in Touch

After you contact us about joining to the Poolwerx brand, we’ll get in touch for an initial discussion about becoming a Poolwerx Franchise Partner where we are also happy to answer any questions you may have.

2. Face-to-face video meeting

We will arrange a formal meeting to discuss further details about our Poolwerx franchise, the pool and spa industry that we operate within and lastly, we will discuss with you the marketing areas that are available. In this meeting, we also discuss the growth opportunities that exist within those areas.

3. Formal Application

You can now fill out a franchise application. This helps us get to know you so we can better provide guidance and support throughout your initial training and into your Poolwerx journey. Among other things, we’ll ask questions about you, your financial situation and current business financials.

We will also ask you to sign a deed of confidentiality so that we can provide you with further confidential information.

4. Discovery Day

You’ll be invited to our world-class support centre and world-class training facilities in Brisbane. Here, you’ll begin the process of ongoing training and support that is the hallmark of franchising the Poolwerx way.

5. Legal Disclosure and Due Dilligence

After signing our Deed Of Confidentiality (DOC), you’ll receive a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) outlining important information about Poolwerx, our business model and every aspect of our business relationship with you so you can make an informed decision and complete your due diligence. We’ll also be in touch again to discuss your decision to become a Poolwerx Franchise Partner, learn more about you and answer any more questions you may have.

6. Official Approval

Once we have all the necessary legal documentation, and your application has been approved, you’ll receive your formal franchise agreement.

7. Pool School

Your Pool School training will ensure you have the know-how to run your business as a fully-fledged Poolwerx Franchise Partner.

8. Day One

With your mobile service vehicle(s) and/or retail store, you are ready to operate as part of the Poolwerx family.

9. Ongoing Support

Your success is our success, so our support doesn’t end the day you open. Instead, we offer ongoing support and training to you and your staff, both online and in person. Our 4 Tiers in 5 Years business development program also lays out a tried and tested path to business growth and expansion, once again supported by us at every step along the way. You can jump into this program no matter what stage your business is currently at. We’re excited to watch you grow and succeed as you franchise the Poolwerx way!

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