Top 5 Tips for Maintaining an Above Ground Pool

Above ground pools are a great option for many different reasons. They are affordable, don’t take too long to install, they can fit in small areas and they are mobile. Another benefit from having an above ground pool is how easy maintenance can be, if you are doing it right.

  1. It is crucial to clean your pool weekly, even if you aren’t using it weekly. Use a skimmer and an above ground pool vacuum. By cleaning your pool weekly you will avoid a build up of bacteria and algae that will cause a very time consuming clean up.
  2. Check the chemical balance of your pool with a test strip. Add chemicals or do a shock treatment depending on what your test strip shows. This should also be done weekly.
  3. Clean out baskets for the skimmer and the pump. If there is built up dirt and leaves in the baskets the skimmer or pump will not be able to perform their jobs as well as they should. This will help keep your pool clean and should be done on a weekly basis.
  4. Check all the equipment that keeps your pool up and running. You should do a quick check weekly and a more thorough check once a month. It is important that everything is running smoothly and finding a problem in a pool part early will decrease the seriousness of the problem.
  5. Clean out the pool filter. The method you use to clean your filter depends on the type of filter you have. This task should be performed on a monthly basis.

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Don’t spend money and time on repairing a problem that could have been avoided. Following these five steps will help you save time that can be spent enjoying your pool with friends and family. If you have any further questions contact a Poolwerx near you to receive more expert advice from one of our pool technicians.

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