Choosing Between a Saltwater Pool and Chlorine Pool

Whether you are building a new pool or thinking of converting your pool it is important to know the pros and cons of both saltwater and chlorine pools.

Saltwater pools use a salt chlorine generator for sanitation. As saltwater passes through the generator it separates the salt and water into hydrogen and hypochlorous acid. This acid replaces the need for chlorine tablets to sanitize the water. Saltwater pools are becoming more and more popular as people are informed of the benefits that saltwater pools have.

Pros for Saltwater:

  • Not as harsh on your skin, eyes or hair as chlorine pools are.
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Considered safer than chlorine pools because there is no need to handle chlorine in its physical form which can be dangerous for pool owners
  • Water feels softer


Cons for Saltwater:

  • Expensive upfront to add a chlorinator system
  • Saltwater is very corrosive so pipes, handrails, ladders, etc. can take a beating from this water
  • Salt water can start to leave residue on your pool deck if the deck is not a salt friendly material
  • It causes a very high pH level- the pH balance is important in maintaining water clarity
  • Saltwater pool systems are more complex which means most of the time even if it is a small problem an experienced technician is required- contact a Poolwerx near you for an expert technicians help

Chlorine pools use higher levels of chlorine to fight off bacteria in your pool water. When chlorine is poured into your water, or tablets are dropped in, the chemicals break down and are able to kill bacteria like algae. Chlorine pools are the most common type of pool.

Pros for Chlorine :

  • Traditional choice- If you have swam in a pool before it most likely was a chlorinated pool. Chlorine pools are very affordable and very common.
  • Easy to use- just buy chlorine tablets and put in the pool on regular basis
  • Chlorine kills bacteria and disinfects your pool water. This means it is very effective in preventing algae and other bacteria from growing

Cons for Chlorine:

  • Hard to maintain levels properly- could over chlorinate if you put too many tablets in at once and can also under-chlorinate
  • Not as easy on your skin, eyes and hair

For more information

If you have any questions after reading these pros and cons call a Poolwerx near you. Choosing between chlorine and saltwater pools can be a difficult decision for any pool owner. Poolwerx technicians are pool experts and will be able to help you figure out the best option for you and your family.

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