Own a Pool? This tip could save you $750

Did you know your pool pump could be costing you an extra $750 each year?

But it is possible to keep your pool parties pumping all summer long, plus save on your electricity bill at the same time. How? It can be as simple as changing your pool pump and Poolwerx makes it even more cost effective with their latest campaign.

According to the Government’s Your Energy Savings website, maintaining an in-ground pool can account for up to 30 per cent of a household’s energy bills and a pool pump can be the largest user of electricity in a home.

Multi-speed and variable-speed pumps are often more efficient and use less energy as they can operate at a lower speed for filtration and a higher speed for pool cleaning equipment.

A recent report prepared for the Department of Environment and Energy on pool pumps found that over half of the pool owners surveyed still had a single-speed pump, with the main factor in the decision process for those buying a new pump being the upfront cost of the unit.

But, Poolwerx has you covered with their latest campaign, offering interest free payment plans when you buy an energy efficient pump.

The upfront cost of a swimming pool pump represents just 20 per cent of the total expenditure on an average pump, with the ongoing electricity costs representing the other 80 percent. When shopping for a pool pump, pool owners need to think long term. Using variable speed pumps custom programmed to your pool’s cleaning, filtration and sanitation requirements will save you more than $750 per year on your energy bills compared to a traditional fixed-speed pump.

While pool pumps do contribute significantly to household electricity costs, other pool features and equipment like heating units, chlorinators and pool lights also add to electricity bills. So, what else can you do to help reduce pool running costs year-round?

Install a solar water heater pump

A solar water heater pump is more cost-effective than a gas water heater. See the range of solar water heater pumps available at Poolwerx and speak to the team today about finding the right pump for your pool.

Install a pool cover

This can help reduce both water and electricity costs. Evaporation removes heating energy from your pool and can account for up to 70 per cent energy loss.

Regularly maintain your pool

Regular services and maintenance of pool equipment can help to reduce electricity costs. The expert technicians from Poolwerx provide personalised ongoing maintenance plans to suit your pool’s needs to keep it in top shape year-round.

Join hundreds of other pool owners who are saving hundreds on their electricity bills each year, just by switching to an energy efficient pump.

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