Enjoy endless summer fun

Keep that summer feeling with one of three easy pool heating options from Poolwerx, with special offers available now.

  • GOOD
    Simple and Effective, a Pool Blanket can raise water temperature up to 8 degrees.

    Install a pool Heat Pump or Gas Heater - going this way puts you in control all year round.

  • BEST
    Solar Heating is undoubtedly the best, most cost and energy efficient option.

Which one is right for you?

Just ask your local Poolwerx, or check out these additional benefits.

Pool Blanket

Easy to use, a Blanket is a heating must have. It raises water temperature, reduces evaporation and keeps debris out. Suitable for in-ground and above ground pools, when combined with another heating option, a Blanket can cut heating costs by up to 50% and 1/2 your chemical costs. Ask about our big range at great prices.

Heat Pump or Gas Heater

The perfect way to heat your pool all year round and keep the temperatures just right, especially if you live in a cooler climate. Contact your local Poolwerx for the latest in hot heating deals.

Solar Heating

Proven for over 30 years around Australia, solar is a great way to extend the season and is the most economical way to heat a pool, even on cloudy days. No power used when installed with a coexisting filter system, multiple installation options and super quiet operation.

Let summer linger longer now with pool heating that's right for you

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