Poolwerx approach marketing at three levels. National, regional and local. Each of these levels must be working in unison to ensure the right message is consistently delivered to clients. This will drive new clients as well as additional sales from existing clients, it will keep your clients returning minimising churn. It ensures Poolwerx remain on 'the shopping list' for pool owners.

It would be impossible to achieve this kind of layering and cut through at an independent level. Poolwerx have an in-house marketing team consisting of specialists in specific areas of expertise who are there to advise, develop and assist along the way.

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National Marketing

Driving Brand Awareness.

The focus at a National Level is to drive brand awareness. This is often done using a variety of methods such as TV, in program placements, sponsorship, websites, search engine marketing and public relations. The marketing team use external research to ensure marketing budgets are maximised in our core target audience.

Regional Marketing

Working with Franchisees.

Working with other Franchise Partners in your region allows small pockets of partners to 'share costs and ideas' from a regional marketing fund to highlight the Poolwerx brand and drive direct sales.

Local Area Marketing

You're the Marketing Manager.

This is where you are the Marketing Manager of your business. Poolwerx provide a variety of templates, training and support to enable you to effectively speak with your client base. Whether you choose to communicate via email, social media, telemarketing, direct mail or a combination of all, a local area marketing specialist will work with you to develop your own plan and arm you with the tools to deliver this.

Retail Marketing

We're With You.

Getting the marketing mix right in retail is critical. Poolwerx provide a range of retail merchandising tools to suit all store sizes, layouts and seasonality. From educational space to in store working displays, Poolwerx have tried and tested what works, taking away the guess work for you.

For confidential enquiries about Poolwerx Franchise opportunities, please contact Mike Geddes at Poolwerx on 0800 888 031 or email us.