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Regular services can lengthen the life of your pool and your equipment. With Poolwerx as your healthy pool partner, our fully certified technicians will keep your pool sparkling and healthy all season long. It’s great news for your pool and your wallet, too.

3 years ago industry accredited training was established for the swimming pool and spa servicing industry - Certificate IV CPP41312 and III CPP31212. This government accredited training was specifically to meet a need to professionalise and standardise the industry. Poolwerx recognised a service from a certified technician was above and beyond that of an unskilled or unqualified technician and from this point commenced the journey of getting each Poolwerx franchise certified in swimming pool and spa servicing. And since 2015, we’re proud to say that every Poolwerx has technicians that are certified in Swimming Pool and Spa Servicing, so we can deliver the specialist care that comes from a fully certified pool technician.

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^Terms and Conditions: Chemicals not included. offer valid for new service clients who have credit card details on file to pay by the month. Offer valid for a limited time only.

Certified Swimming Pool and Spa Service. Certificate IV CPP41312 and III CPP31212.

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