Enjoy more clarity this month


Filter maintenance is essential to maintain healthy water. What does your pool need – a clarifier and degreaser? Add sand, glass or a cartridge filter change for the ultimate in water filter purification.

  • Sand Filtration is an efficient standard option when selecting filtration options for your healthy pool .
  • Activated Glass Media is  the gold standard superior filtration media solution for sand based filters. With super fine filtration properties and the benefit of added antibacterial power the glass media ultimately  filters exceptionally to make your pool the healthiest it can be. Save all year round with activated glass media in your filter, savings in chemical and water usage with this superior media option.
  • Cartridge Filters offer great fine particle filtration for healthy pool water.  Regular maintenance must be provided to cartridge filters at least monthly to ensure the pleats are free from dirt, grease and debris for best efficiency. Regular degreasing is recommended at least every 6 months for optimal performance.

Filtration is important for clear, healthy pool water. Poolwerx currently has several special offers available.